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Superstar Storyteller: Malolo B&B

Superstar Storyteller: Malolo Bed and Breakfast

When your B&B is rated number #22 out of 50,000 in the USA, and #1 in your area, you must be doing something right. Malolo Bed & Breakfast’s website has become a direct booking machine – one that’s reduced their reliance on OTAs by 25%. Let’s take a closer look at what makes their website so successful.

3 Content Marketing Trends for Hoteliers

3 Content Marketing Trends for Hoteliers

Content marketing is an essential part of any hotel’s digital marketing strategy. But where should you be focusing your attention, and how can you make content creation more manageable? Here’s 3 content marketing pillars to help frame your strategy.

Superstar Storyteller: Grant Hall Hotel

The Grant Hall Hotel shines as this month’s Superstar Storyteller! They tell a consistent narrative across multiple platforms, including their website and social media platforms, which makes travel shoppers want to come visit.

Superstar Storyteller: Sa’Moana Resort

The beautiful Sa’Moana Resort in stunning Samoa is the epitome of visual storytelling. Featuring video on their website and engaging with travel shoppers on their Facebook page, they are paving the way for marketing in the hospitality industry.