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Top 10 Articles from 2016

With just over two weeks until Christmas, we’re recapping the best blog articles from 2016. Here is what piqued the interest of hotel marketers around the globe, with some practical tips to take into 2017 and beyond.

Google is Switching to a Mobile-First Index

Google will be switching to a mobile-first index. Yup, you read that right. They are essentially dividing the mobile and desktop indexes. This doesn’t mean desktop will disappear (yet) but it will only be updated second to mobile, the new primary index. Find out what this means for your website.

Webinar recap image How to build a mobile website that converts

Webinar Recap: How to Build a Mobile Website That Converts

By the end of 2016, Skift predicts that over half (51.8%) of online travel bookings in the US will come from mobile devices. So if you don’t have a mobile website for your hotel, then you’re missing out serious revenue. Here’s a quick recap from our latest webinar, “How to Build a Mobile Website That Converts.” Watch it on-demand to learn more.